Mobile Device Management

Manage & Secure Corporate Mobile Devices

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Mobilement is a cloud service for mobile device monitoring, tracking and management.
Flexible profile based configuration allows to manage large amounts of mobile phones and tablets easily.

Enroll Devices

Just scan a secure barcode to enroll company devices into your group. Send the barcode to your employees.

Assign Device Profiles

Assign multiple profiles to group devices basing on department, role, status, etc.

Set Up Profile Policies

Set up policies and rules for each profile to configure and manage profile devices.

Create Dynamic Profiles

Create dynamic profiles filtering devices by their statuses and properties.

Manage Mobile Devices

Reset password, remote lock a phone if abuse is detected, remote wipe a device when it is stolen and more.


Send group or personal messages, receive an alarm from group users in case of emergency.


Locate devices. Get a precise location of any device at any point of time.
Track device route. Get full report of all device movements.
Set up geofence. Manage areas allowed for devices on a scheduled basis.
Manage Internet browsing. Track and restrict web sites being visited.
Manage phone calls. Track and restrict incoming and outgoing phone calls.
Track SMS messages. Track and restrict incoming and outgoing text messages.
Applications usage. Track time spent on different device apps and games.
Application control. Control apps installed on mobile devices.
Manage app usage. Allow and disallow applications usage on a schedule basis.
Secure mobile devices. Reset password, remote lock, remote wipe a device.
Messaging. Send and receive individual and group text messages.
Emergency Alarm. Send an emergency alarm using a simple gesture.
Wi-Fi settings. Manage device Wi-Fi networks and access points.
User password. Manage device user password complexity policies.
Lockdown. Replace the standard home screen with a customizable one.
App installation. Require certain list of apps to be installed on the device.
Hardware settings. Turn on/off, allow and disallow device hardware.
File sync. Synchronize file between devices and central storage.
Certificates. Manage certificates on mobile devices.
E-mail. Set-up POP3 / IMAP / Exchange accounts on mobile devices.
Manually Managed State. Allow device user to affect device settings.
APN settings. Configure mobile networks Access Point Names.
Traffic usage. Track network traffic consumed by device applications.
Content Management. Delivery company documents to mobile devices.